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When we say “From Tree to Treasure” we are not always talking about lumber from trees that have been recently been cut down. We are always on the lookout for old lumber that can be reused or recycled. The term scrap lumber may seem a little harsh, but much of the custom flooring or custom woodworking material we supply, was first put to use 100 years or so ago in the construction of a barn, a cannery, or a home.

Some of the treasurers we supply are indeed a bit out of the ordinary, but that is often the case with custom lumber. Examples of custom lumber in Portland, OR that Silvercrest Hardwoods N.W. supplies to our customers range from scarce maple burl columns to rough cut fir, hemlock, or spruce construction beams.

You can also look to us if you are need of the services of a woodwork contractor or a carpentry contractor. Our woodworking and carpentry specialists excel in woodwork repair and carpentry framing. Local restaurants specializing in Northwest favorites rely on us as their source for cedar, alder, and maple grilling planks.

There is little in the way of custom lumber products and materials we cannot provide, and we can take on projects of virtually any size, whether you want a few small, customized planks, or several hundred planks, beams, and columns, materials for staircases or fences, fireplace mantels, and more.

If you are hesitant to call on us because you feel your needs may be a little too out-of-the-ordinary, get on the phone and tell us what you want. The chances are good you will be pleasantly surprised to find we can provide what you want at your exact specifications.

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